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Google officially announced the Migration of Google Pages. Since the end of Google Pages, many Bloggers have been constantly facing the problem to host the JavaScript files. Never ever think about any other file hosting service like rapidshare and skydrive, as they are not allowing hotlinking. Instead use any of the below solutions.

There are lots of things that can’t easily be achieved in Blogger without the usage of special scripts.  We know Blogger only allows users to upload images and videos, but not other type of files. Now the biggest question is where to host files which gives us a direct link. Several bloggers have different needs, some wants to host mp3 or images or executable. Well my current article is for java script files. If you are concern about images, please use Picasa. That will allow you to host images, and you can link it directly to your blog post. Use Windows Live Writer, WLW will do the whole job. Now lets get back on topic for hosting javascript files. While searching i found many alternatives to google pages for hosting javascript files. Here are some..

Rename Javascript file (.js) to Text file (.txt)

Javascript files(.js) are nothing else but a text file(.txt) with some text in it. The minor difference is just extension. Most of free file hosting services wont allow to upload java script (.js) files, but you can upload text file (.txt)
So the idea is to rename the java script (.js) file to text file(.txt) and upload it to some file hosting like Fileden which allows us hotlinking. Do remeber that fileden allows only 100kbps of maximum download speed limit. Services better than fileden are mentioned below in this article.

Add scripts to blogger templates

If you are reading this article, it is confirm that you are familiar with blogging. If yes, then its not a big job for you to add script content in blogger template. Here is the way..
ll now all blogger uses below code.

<script src='SCRIPT_URL' type='text/javascript'></script>

Download the script you have, open it with notepad, select all, copy and paste it below. The above code will be replaced by the below one.

<script type='text/javascript'>

UPLoad all your Javascripts to Weebly is another very good alternative to google pages. It allows to upload all type of files with  hotlinking feature. Free users gets a 100mb of space with unlimited bandwidth. Register with weebly, create a page and Just drag the file tool to any area of your page. Upload files and enjoy the best alternative of google pages. I personally found Weebly much better to upload my files than anything else in industry, as there is no bandwidth limit, no file type restriction & no Maximum download speed limit like fileden(100kbps). One can upload any type of file over weebly.

Upload all your Files to Office Live
Office Live is easy to use and feature rich service where you have tons of professional web templates, web forms, photo galleries, live maps, newsletter etc. The most attractive part is it allows to upload  files and allows direct linking or hotlinking. You can check the image on right side of this text is uploaded at Office Live. Office live gives you 500mb of space, with 10GB bandwidth limit. You can upload upto 10mb of file size. Office Live Small Business is different in terms of uploading file types than Office Live Workspaces. Dont be confused if Office Live workspaces wont allow you to upload java files, as it is the different thing. You can upload all your java files, images, flash files, mp3 etc at only Office Live Small Business. Update : Office Live now restricts to use hotlinking of files other than their own site, it requires login to access. So if you are in blogger, avoid hosting your files at Office Live.

Another alternative of Google Pages is Lite has released a new service called Lite, that allows you to upload a file of up to 10 MB and get a direct link. You can upload any kind of file and there are no traffic limitations. You don't have  to register, although you have to provide an email address, so that if you decide you need to manage your uploaded files, you can sign in for a account. If you don't want to do that, will work. offers you a very slick Flash player, so you can embed your mp3 files it into your blog. There are several more services who provides a huge space like Adrive & Oosah which gives you 50Gb & 1TB of space respectively. While writing this article Oosah was unavailable due to some transition work.

Hotlinkfiles is another cool website offering free file hosting services with direct linking. Hotlinkfiles offers 1GB of storage space and 8GB of monthly bandwidth. Free accounts are limited for file size of 50MB . Similar to Filden, they have private folders where you can access your files and direct linking codes .

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