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If you are concern about anything listed above, Congrats you are no far from the solution.

Blogger is most popular blogging platform, and since the new feature of custom domain appears in Blogger, Almost everynaked domain blogspot Blogger wants to make their site name more attractive ( rather than If you are unaware, see this, How to use custom domain name on blogger blog.
In our previous post we explained how to forward/redirect naked domain from Yahoo Small Business to Blogger account. Most of people use to buy domain from Yahoo because of its cheap rates, another daddy in market is Godaddy. If you are using custom domain in Blogger and you bought domain from Godaddy, By default Godaddy wont forward your naked domain (without www) to your blogger account. You need to type www compulsory before your domain name, otherwise you will get an 404-page not found or Godaddy default page full of ads and links.
What is Naked domains : In a simple words, a URL without www is Naked URL or Naked Domain. If your complete domain name is then is naked domain.

Too much explanation, Now lets start the solution to forward naked domain from Godaddy to Blogger.
If you just purchased the domain and you did nothing in blogger or Godaddy settings then First of all go to this Blogger help page and do all the settings explained, Update your Blogger Settings explained here, then apply the below mentioned steps to fix the naked domain issue.

Update: Godaddy has inbuilt feature to forward your naked domain to full domain (thats what we mentioned in below steps) but Now Google updated settings for naked domain on their help page, which will work with any registrar, Try Google settings first, if it doesnt work, use below one.

1. Log into GoDaddy and Click Domain Manager
2. Click on the domain name that you want to forward to your blog.
3. Find "Total DNS Control and MX Records" link and click it.
4. Find “A (Host)” and Click on the pencil icon (right side of the page) to edit A record.
6. Enter “@” in Host Name Field & “” in Points to IP Address field, leave the TTL at 1 hour.
7. Click OK, you are almost Done.

It will take 24 hours or maximum time to activate, so Wait for few hours to see the effect. Generally it will be done within few hours only.
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  1. thanks brother for your help... i'll be waiting 24h for the change to take effect than.

    P.S. There's a problem with your blog. I'm using Firefox 3.5.5v and i couldn't post this comment here without pressing tab which will eventually get me to the word verification field so i can enter the characters in the box. Maybe you can fix that... the post footer get's over the field where a person can enter the words verification in the image. (Tip: disable word verification from your blogs settings in dashboard.)

  2. hi there. ive tried ur tutorial but my naked domain still pointing to Google "404 not found" page.
    please help
    My Page

  3. @ Carlofina, as far as i can see, your site is working fine with naked domain.

    @ Mathew, I too use Firefox, almost all the latest versions available and beta too. I never faced any such problem in comments. Still will see for the issue in future, thanks for the information.

  4. first i try to, it`s work. but now,when i try to access,still without www,there`s message: "This website is temporarily unavailable, please try again later."
    I`ve waited almost 1 hour, but i still can`t access it without www.
    please help

  5. Thank you so much! This was so helpful and worked immediately!

  6. Thanks for comments Jessica, By the way i left a comment on one of your post. Have a look.

  7. I have been fooling with this for 3 days!! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction FINALLY!!

    I had read blogger's help / godaddy's help and tons of other blogs... I had tried a half dozen fixes, each of them claiming wait 1-24 hours... none of them worked.

    I did what it said on your blog and presto... it worked instantaneously. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I wish I found your blog first, it would have saved me hours of frustration.

  8. @ Heather Plude,

    Thanks for you comments and you are always welcome to I always Capital Tech blog.

    I usually gets less time to update my blog, But such comments inspires me to do more :)

  9. Hi there,
    Thanks for the advice. I do have a question though. When you say "Update your blogger settings explained here- " does that include what they say do do with the naked domains and entering the 4 separate IP addresses

    OR, does the step override that?


  10. @soundbite

    It seems like google updated there help section and now naked domain settings are included. You can use any one of the method either google one's or the one mentioned above. No need to override, And even if you override, it doesnt matters. I would suggest to you to use Google's method.

    First of all, do whatever settings mentioned here specificaly for Godaddy

    and then, either apply the method mentioned above in my post or go with google method.

    A little explanation. Godaddy has a feature to forward your naked domain to full domain, whereas yahoo small business hasnt. So Google settings will work in both of them.
    Have a look at this post,
    it was posted long before Google updated their help section.

  11. @I Caps

    Thanks again for the info! I saw that setting and had it checked, but I guess it just took a little while to kick in. I did adjust the godaddy setting as well and nothing happened, BUT after about a day it started working correctly.

  12. Hi I Caps .... I have the problem too with my domain name hosted in Blogspot and Godady

    and I've just submitted as your tutorial mentioned above, so, let's see what will happen in a few hours.. I hope it will works as well.

  13. WOOOOOTTTTT!!! So glad I found this blog! Changed the GD DNS setting, and it worked IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

    You, my friend, are a lifesaver!