You want to hide your Feedjit Live Traffic widget ?
You dont want to display Feedjit Live Traffic Widget, still you want it to work ?
Do you need to hide Feedjit Live Traffic widget in background ?
If the answer is YES, here is the solution.

Feedjit :
I wonder if you are not known about Feedjit. Feedjit Live is a free widget to track your site visitors. FEEDJIT gives you several useful tools including the Live Traffic Feed widget that allows you to see what is happening on your blog right now. It's a live view of your blog that tells you what city your visitors are in, what sites they came from and what search terms they used to find your blog.

However this is a wonderful widget i ever have, sometimes it gives a uncomfort feeling and sense of insecurity to your visitor, as they might think their privacy is being infiltrated. So here I am going to show you how to hide your Feedjit Live Traffic widget without loosing its job.

How to Hide Feedjit live stats or How to make Feedjit invisible :

You can hide your Feedjit Live Traffic widget in background of your site. Here we go

You just need to add two lines in your Feedjit Code. its very simple

<div style="height:0;width:0;overflow:hidden;">

You will get something like this ( See Screenshot Below ) imageJust replace the code in your site and you are DONE.

Explanation : The idea is to hide feedjit in your website without loosing its functionality & job, We added just two line of codes in feedjit code, Div tags mentioned in code has a style with 0 width & height that means anything written between these codes remain visibly hidden in blog, finally hidden overflow style prevent feedjit box to disturb neighbour widgets.

How to track your own traffic

Update : Feedjit changed the link for everybody, Now whenever you want to track your visitors using Feedjit Real time tracker use this url
or Replace yoursite with your domain.

How to Encrypt Feedjit Code and make it completely invisible

Update : Somebody sent a mail asking to even Hide the full code from html source, so nobody can even guess that you have feedjit in your site. Well here is the way, You need some HTML Encrypter for this job, Visit THIS link, and paste your ready code in given box & click on Encrypt. You will get a encrypted code in very next box below. Copy that code and use it anywhere you wish, Encrypted code remain fully compatible with even Blogger/Blogspot sites.

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One anonymous user requested to get Credit link for this post mentioning his/her website [which has total of 40 visits (including me) in last 6 months as per his/her sites Feedjit stats & 2 posts yet since the beginning]. I consider the request in positive way to inspire Tech Cloud. Request granted.

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog article about how to add a feedjit live traffic feed to Blogger. This article offers a great extra option for feedjit lovers. I'm sure many readers will appreciate it as do I.

    Nice post thanks.

  2. What about sites where HTML is not allowed? Say, on you can only use BBcode

  3. wow tq so much it work for me
    now it really private
    thanks ya

  4. @ adzrollz & Alex

    You can use online Html encrypter, to make it more hidden, Just put your Feedjit code in online HTML encrypter and encrypt it.

  5. Thank you for sharing this tip. :D Great post.

    Btw, Feedjit adds new functionality. It can now be connected to twitter and facebook. :D


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  7. pls help me. i did it. but i could see my old feedjit results.not updating new results.what can i do?

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  10. How do I restrict access to the feed information held at so that only I can see this information