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If you are facing any of the issue above, here is the solution.

Blogger/Blogspot is being most popular blogging platform as Wordpress. Since the new feature of custom domain introduced in blogger, many of blogger shifted their domain to professional domain name like rather than
You have a .com domain ? You want to redirect your domain to your Blogger Blog ? Here is Blogger Help page for you. Do the required settings to Redirect your domain name.
What about naked domain ?
Yes, you can Redirect/Forward your naked domain purchased from Yahoo Small Business/ Yahoo Domain. For newbies here is the simple Definition of Naked Domains.
What is Naked domains : In a simple words, a URL without www is Naked URL or Naked Domain. If your complete domain name is then is naked domain. Usually Reader of your blog choose to type only domain name of your blog rather than adding www prior to your domain name. But unfortunately Blogger by default doesn’t allow this. You may get error “Blogs may not be hosted at naked domains“. Its annoying specially while typing long URL name like In our Previous post we describe the step by step method to Forward Naked Domain to Blogger from Godaddy. Now here is the little hack to Forward Naked Domain to Blogger from Yahoo (purchased from yahoo domain/yahoo small business). Lets Start.

Here I assume that you already did all the required settings explained in Blogger Help mentioned here & here. If not, do that first and then follow the below steps to redirect naked domain. Lets Start.

1. Login to your Yahoo Small Business Account
2. Go to “Domain Control Panel”
3. Click “Manage Advanced DNS Settings”
4. Now here you have add 4 new A records, if you see one A record already existing something like below
A Record – – Yahoo Server
Edit this record and Make it like below
A Record – –
(Click Edit, Leave the source Field Blank, type the IP address written above)
Click Submit, You will be back to previous page.
5. Now Click On “Add record” New page will appear >> leave the source field blank & type in destination. Click submit
6. Repeat step 5 again & type in destination field. Click submit.
7. Finally, Once more repeat the step5 & type in destination field. Click submit.

Done. If everything goes well, you will find something like this (See Screenshot below). You just added 4 A records in your DNS settings and voila. You are Done. Applying this hack will redirect your naked domain to your Blogger Blog. image 
Do Note that If Google changes the server IPs in future, you have to edit/change the Destination Servers manually in above settings. Do visit this post again for updates, as I am using the same configuration. As they say “ I always CAPITAL”, I hope you noticed that CAPITAL “I” in previous sentence.
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  1. i am unable to perform 4th step which you have mentioned.. i dont have any edit option for default A record and am not able to create new A record with blank source ... any solution for this??

  2. Just add 4 A records, If there is already some A record there, delete it, (write it somewhere for later use incase you did something wrong)
    Simply add all the 4 A records as mentioned in screenshot and you are done.

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for the information. How did you get the IP address? I want my naked domain to forward to my Google Sites pages.


  4. Fantastic info, just used this info as I have a site called which is a fansite because I love the show, and finding your blog post has really helped me. Keep up the great work, thank you so much :)