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How to put visit counter which shows each & every visit of individual post ?
Can i have a separate hit counter for each blog post ?

blogger post hit counter If you are looking for the answer of any above issue, read on..

Blogging is fun, and most of blogger wants to make their blog unique and good looking. Making a little change in your blog can create a wonder, once I wrote an article on How to Change Blogger Post Title to Increase your Search Rankings (Post Title + Blog Title) Now Here is another beautiful way to expose the popularity of your blog.

Many of you wants to show a visible counter that displays the number of page views of each individual post. You can find such counter Below the post title of this post. Unlike the website counter which shows the visits of complete website, here is the Post hit counter which shows you page views (not unique visits) of your blog’s each post. Here is how to display Post Views Hit Counter in your blog.

Login to your Blogger account, Click Layout > Click Edit Html > Click “ Expand Widgets Templates “
You can paste the counter code anywhere you wish either below your post title or at post footer. Different templates have different code for these places. Those who want to keep this counter in post footer must find some place below <div class='post-footer'>. The most common thing in every template is author tag or Lables tag or Comment link in any Template. It depends on you where you want to show this code.

1. To display the post counter next to author tag, find <span class=’post-author’ or <div class=’post-author’ or something like that. We used the same place to show the counter. See screenshot or check it below post title of this post.

blogger post counter

2. To display the post counter next to labels tag, find <span class=’post-labels’ or <span class=’post-labels’ or something like that.

3. To display the post counter next to comment link, find <span class=’post-comment-link’ or <span class=’post-comment-link’ or something like that.

Once you decided the place, paste below code.

Update : Previous Code & even Stat counter trick not working now, So i found some reliable solution in which we use some third party code for individual post. You have seen several other methods from various blogs which includes hosting PHP scrip & database on your own servers, But for the people who doesn't have such hosting space can use below trick.

Update 2: Code & Link removed due to Hit Counter Service Privacy.

Explanation in Detail :

Its not possible for everybody to host PHP script on their own host, So Find a counter service where you wont be asked to enter your website URL, You can find several services, Just Google it. In such services, You can get counter code within seconds as no Signup & Registration required. Simply fill up the required things and copy full code in Notepad. Do not Install full code. Copy that code in some text editor like Notepad, as we just need a part of that code to install in Blogger.

-Now Find image counter code in the given code & copy it, See below code for better idea. Copy full code between <img > tags. The below one is just an example code, Dont copy below one.

<img id="counter" src=URL OF IMAGE COUNTER/?i=2554&u=false&ox=10&oy=17&c=000000&b=WHITE.jpg&f=digital.ttf&fn=false&w=110&h=35&s=10

Now you have your code, Just put in below code and you are done.

<span class='post-counter'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>

There is a “if” condition to display post counter widget only on post pages and not on home page of your blog. You can edit values in image counter code to adjust the counter image in your template. If this code doesn't works, use below code.

<div class='post-counter'><b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>| Post views: YOUR IMAGE COUNTER CODE GOES HERE</b:if></div>

If everything goes well, You will have a working post hit counter code. If blogger gives error then use Blogger Code Converter to make your code XHTML compliant. Open Blogger Code Converter, Paste your code in Box & Click CONVERT AD CODE.

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