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How to boost up my Nokia Mobile phones Wi Fi coverage ?
How to Improve Wi-Fi range of my Mobile Phone ?
How to get maximum Wi Fi Signal Strength ?

If you have mobile phone like Nokia 95 which is WLan enabled phone, and you are not getting Wi-Fi signal properly you may get less speed while surfing and downloading.  So here is the trick to boost your signal strength to the maximum possible levels. You should understand that boosting signal strength needs more energy/power and that means your mobile phone will use more battery and it decreases your battery life. Doing this is very simple and explained with step by step guide below with screenshots. Lets go..


You can see signal quality difference before and after applying these settings in screenshot above.

Lets start, In your Nokia Mobile Phone ,
Go to Menu > Tools > Settings (See screenshot below)


Now, Select Connection > Wireless LAN (See screenshot below)


Now, Select Options > Advanced Settings (See screenshot below)


Disable Auto Config. Press Yes on confirmation. (See screenshot below)


To get maximum possible signal, disable Power Saving but do remember it will suck your battery more faster!!
Keep TX Power Level to Maximum ( 100mW), Leave rest of the settings as it is.

Done, Your Mobile Phone is now ready for better Wi Fi signal strength. Try it and post your results in comments. Do wait for few minutes and try this from different physical areas, Be sure your battery is full to perform its best.
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