Microsoft posted on its Bing Community blog alerting website owners that they may start seeing a lot of bot Bing Bottraffic from the user agent “msnbot/2.0b (+”. No name changed for Bing’s new bot. Microsoft said not to worry about the increase of traffic at your web by new Bing Bot as this is regular process of indexing.

The interesting part of the post from Microsoft that reads:

We do not anticipate any problems related to our increasing emphasis on MSNBot 2, but the unexpected can’t always be avoided, no matter how hard you try! As such, we wanted to preemptively alert folks to the most effective way to report bot and crawling issues to Bing’s support team in case they arise. If you have any feedback for us on either the existing or the new MSNBot, or on any other matters pertaining to crawling your website, please post your comments and questions in our crawling/indexing forum. Our Webmaster Center forums moderator will follow-up with you ASAP

Problems !!! Well i am desperate to know the problems. Lets see.

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