I’m pretty impressed by the Nokia Barcode Reader. Unfortunately this free and useful application is not there in newest nokia mobile phones like Nokia N96 and N85, both of which are powered by Nokia’s S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2 interface. While it is  definitely odd that Nokia did not include this application by default, How can they miss such great application with these high resolution camera phones. They not only removed the application in default package infact they go ahead and hide a download link on the internet, so you could not get the official app easily.

imageIf you don’t know, the Nokia Barcode application is able to scan QR barcodes, which can contain any sort of information, including web URLs and vCards, SMS etc. If you’re a Firefox user, there is an addon that can create a 2D barcode on the fly, from any highlighted text, or even the webpage you’re currently viewing. You can download this plugin here.

You can also use Nokia’s mobile code generator service here to create your own custom 2D barcodes, for whatever information you might need. If you own a Nokia S60v3 FP2 device, such as the N96 or N85, you can download the official Nokia 2D barcode reader here. You can also check here for a list of other applications, that will work on basically any phone on the market that can use Java applications.

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