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While playing with my N95 & N85 i went to inbuilt applicatoin Barcode reader, i tried to scan some barcodes but failed, Why? coz i was scanning 2d tradition Barcodes whereas Nokia inbuilt barcode reader is built to read 3D Barcodes called QR Codes. QR Codes is a beautiful way of storing & exchanging text/url/numbers/sms/vcards information inside images.

QR-codeFor an example, See image in left of this text, What do you find in those black & white dots or lines or squares ? it makes no sense to the human eye but the information contained inside the image can be extracted instantly on the desktop or a mobile phone like Nokia FP1 & FP2 phones using free decoders or Barcode readers. The image in left shows url of our blog http://www.ialwayscapital.com, can you read it ? Read this article to download Free Barcode reader for your mobile phone. Here is how i made the above QR Code.


Unlike the more popular bar codes, a QR Code stores data in both the vertical and horizontal directions and hence have more storage capacity per unit area. Denso Wave, the company that introduced QR Codes to the world, says that  QR codes are readable from any direction and that data stored inside QR codes can be restored even if the corresponding image is partially damaged. There is difference between traditional 2D barcode and QR codes, can see that in below image.


If you like to make your own QR Codes, go to Kaywa – a web based QR code image generator. Now to decode these QR images, either use your Nokia Mobile phone or download a small Java app for desktop or get this reader if you have a Java enabled mobile phone like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola etc. If you wish to download symbian application for your Nokia N96 or N85, here is the direct download link for Nokia Barcode reader.

There is Chart API in Google also supports QR Codes so you may convert any piece of text or hyperlink into an QR image just by writing simple URLs.

For iphone users there is also an iPhone app for decoding QR coded images while this Firefox add-in helps you convert web pages into QR images.


You can choose several other tools to scan and read barcodes using mobile phone like

  • Glass Reader
  • UpCode Reader
  • Semacode Reader
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