Weather your website’s important portions/regions are visible to user without scrolling !!
Not sure !! read on…..

Google launched a new tool in Google labs called Browser Size, by using this tool you can check how visitors view your website. Browser Size tool is based on a sample of data to Google site from visitors. This special too uses a special code which collects data of height and width of the browser for a sample of users. For the particular portion of your site, the tool guide you what percentage of users can see it without scrolling. For example, if an important button like DONATE US is in the 20% region, it means that 80% of users/site visitors must have to scroll in order to see it.


There is no need to check this tool, if your site have some extraordinary content like the one you see in left side image. Nobody wants to miss such things, They do scrolling, coz 70% of visitors are not able to see what there were expecting. But Not everyone is lucky enough to have such content at their site !

So lets see the importance of your own content. Upper portion or the front portion of a site is really very important and is very first impression of your site, if important buttons or gadgets are clearly visible without scrolling, there are better chances to have bright attention of your site/blog visitors.

google browser size As far as i can guess, 70% of my home page visitors are not able to see 4th post in their browser without scrolling. You can simply put your site URL and check if important sections of your site is visible to 80% of visitors by visiting Google Labs Browser Size tool.

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  1. Oh my gosshh!
    Mine is worse!
    Only the title portion is visible.

    Is there a way for me to auto-resize my page?
    Please let me know.