Mozilla has a noticeable market share in browser world, One of my favourite browser. Almost every user wish to add several useful addons/plugins, but it can be a pain if you image are ready to format your PC, or shifting your PC from one to another. There is no  default option in Mozilla Firefox (at least yet, while am writing this post) to backup your passwords or profiles, that you can restore after a fresh install of your new Operating System. If the concern is only Bookmarks than You can always backup your bookmarks with Mozilla Firefox Default bookmarks backup utility. Its simple

Go to Bookmarks Menu in Mozilla Firefox – Click Organize Bookmarks 
– Click Dropdown menu Import and Backup (for mozilla firefox version 3.5 or above, for eariler version Go to File Menu for Backup and restore option) 
– You can backup your bookmarks in 2 formats (json & HTML). Save it somewhere safely and you will be able to restore it after a fresh install of your OS.

What about Mozilla Firefox Saved Passwords ?

Well if you only want to backup Saved Passwords in Mozilla Firefox, here is the guide. For full Full Mozilla Firefox  backup including Profiles, Saved Passwords, Bookmarks etc. scroll down for full backup guide.

How to Backup Saved Passwords in Mozilla Firefox

Well its really simple, you just have to download a new Add On Called Password Exporter. Download Password Exporter Mozilla Add-on

Once add-on installed, restart firefox and go to Tools Menu and Click Add-ons. Add Ons screen will pop up, Find Password Exporter in the list. Click on Options button
Mozilla Firefox Password Exporter Clicking on Option button will pop up Import/Export Passwords Dialog Box. Here you can either Import or Export and even you can encrypt passwords for safer side.
Mozilla Firefox Import Export Passwords You can export paswords in CSV or XML formats. A spreadsheet with all your IDs and Passwords would be in CSV format. Save it somewhere in safe place that you can restore with same way by selecting Import Passwords option, as you see in above screenshot.

What if you wants full Backup of Mozilla Firefox Profiles?

Well here is the guide to make a full Mozilla Firefox backup including Profiles, Saved Passwords, Bookmarks etc. everything.

How to Make Full Backup of Mozilla Firefox Profiles

You can do it automatically via a FREE software or can do it manually.

Manual way is real simple but involves risk of identifying the real location.

For Windows 2000/XP machines the locations for your Firefox profiles are at

C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<Profile name>\

For Windows 9x/Me PCs the location for your Firefox profiles are at:

C:\Windows\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<Profile name>\

As far as i can see from my PC, its at

C:\Documents and Settings\I\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\5h3a12iy.default

Just copy the profiles folder to somewhere safe place, but it may gives problem to automatically show up in the list after a fresh installation of OS. So i would prefer the 2nd way, thats mentioned below.


Download a Free Application MozBackup and install it. It supports Firefox version from 1 to 3.6 and several other applications like Thunderbird, Netscape etc.

After you install the application, launch it. Its really simple as you have to either select Backup or Restore the profile option. If you have several profiles you can choose which profile to backup.
Mozilla Profile backupRestoring is same and simple as above, Just launch the application and select restore option and select the file you saved before.

You can use several other utilities/Add ons to backup Mozilla firefox profiles and passwords like

Mozilla’s Official Profile Backup Support shows you a way to backup profiles manually.
Another firefox extension FEBE for the same purpose.

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