Recently, Nokia made its navigation service free to all GPS-enabled Nokia devices so it can better compete in the smartphones market against Apple and Google. Now Nokia users will be able to download a client that enables GPS phones to get Ovi Maps and Navigation for free, as well as, various city guides on their phones. Previously, customers could only access the basic maps for free. Turn-by-turn navigation with voice guidance and city guides was costing extra bucks.

Here are the official words directly from Nokia

Until today, Navigation has been kept in the hands of the few. Today that changes. We realised that billions of people around the world already have mobile phones that are perfectly suited to delivering Navigation. So we’re going to let them do that. From this day on, Navigation on your Nokia, with Ovi Maps, will be free for everyone, everywhere, to get people to the places they love. Now, and forever.

Nokia Ovi Maps Initially, the free service will be available for 10 of Nokia's phones, including the Nokia X6, N97 mini (Note: Not the standard N97 just yet), E72, E55, E52, 6730 classic, 6710 Navigator, 5800 Xpressmusic, 5800 Navigation Edition, or 5230.

Update: A support note from Nokia was just released saying that the new Ovi Maps will be released for the N97 on January 28th 2010

Eventually, the software client will be available for all Nokia GPS-enabled phones. And starting in March, the company will begin shipping new GPS Nokia phones with the software and maps for the service pre-installed.

Some of the Basic features of the New & Free Nokia Ovi Maps with Navigation:

  • Maps are stored locally on your phone or memory card, and no continuous data connection like GPRS is needed
  • Faster zoom and unzoom with clear map, as it wont download anything, unlike google maps navigation which uses data connection to download maps in real time.
  • Traffic Information in 10 countries
  • Lane assistance, speed trap warnings for safe driving.
  • Pedestrian mode, including shortcuts only possible on foot
  • Free Lonely Planet/Michelin travel guides

For the people which are new in Technology world let me explain

What is GPS Navigation

A GPS navigation device is any device that receives Global Positioning System GPS Navigation (GPS) signals for the purpose of determining the present location. These devices are used in military, aviation, marine and consumer product applications. But now almost every new smart phones are GPS enabled, So can say that in near future you will find GPS device in every hand. Navigation software is available for most 21st century smartphones as well as some Java-enabled phones that allows them to use an internal or external GPS receiver (external means, connecting via cable or Bluetooth). Some phones with GPS capability work by assisted GPS (A-GPS) only, and do not function when out of range of their carrier's cell towers. Others can navigate worldwide with satellite GPS signals as a dedicated portable GPS receiver does

How to check if your phone has GPS in it

Free navigation by Nokia Ovi Maps works only with Nokia Smart phones. If you are not sure that your phone has GPS in it or not, check this link. See if your phone is listed there or not, if not then you have to buy some external GPS device for the job.

How to Install Free Nokia Ovi Maps Navigation in Mobile Phone

Here is the step by step guide to install Nokia Ovi Maps navigation system in your smart phone for free.

1. Go to this link

2. Select your device (Model number of your phone), If your phone is not listed there, see step 3.

Unfortunately during my test Nokia’s downloading link was very slow, i suppose it was due to too much load. The link mentioned on site ( is different from the one i got in SMS ( by nokia, although the contents are same.

3. If your phone is not listed in above link, Pls visit this link and select your device.

4. Once you select your device, it will provide you download link of Nokia Maps Updater, Download and install Nokia Maps Updater in your computer.

5. Connect your mobile to your computer via USB or Bluetooth, in PC Suite mode, and open Maps Updater. To use Maps Updater, you need Nokia PC Suite installed on your compatible computer. You can Download Nokia PC Suite from here. Additional you can download extra tools like Ovi Suite from the same link.

6. Follow the instructions on Maps Updater and your mobile screen to install Ovi Maps to your mobile.

7. Now Nokia Ovi Maps are installed on your phone, now its time to get Latest Maps of your city. Download and install Map Loader to your compatible computer. To use Map Loader you need Nokia PC Suite installed. Here is the direct link to download Nokia Map Loader

8. Open and than exit Ovi Maps on your mobile, if you have not used Maps before, Once you open Ovi Maps in your Mobile Phone, it will create required folder list to your memory card that will be used to store maps.

9. Connect your Mobile Phone to computer via USB cable or Bluetooth and Open Map Loader in your computer. Once you open Nokia Map Loader, it will take some time to update your phone information. Then Select Continent or Country in list, and click +(plus) sign at right hand side, Then select Voices Tab at upper left corner and select voices of your own language and again click + to add it in download list.

10. Once you selected all the required things, simply click Download and go for a coffee, as it will take little bit time to download and install Latest Maps on your phone (depends on your internet connection speed too). You are done, Enjoy Free Navigation and find your way.


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