Chrome users increasing day by day. Many Webmasters and publishers uses Google Toolbar to see Pagerank of site they are surfing, However Google Toolbar is not available for Google Chrome Browser. So to check pagerank of any site either you have to find some pagerank service, or you have to switch browser just to check pagerank.

But hurray, Now we have a great Chrome Plugin toolbar to view Pagerank of any site. No need to have javascript bookmarks, No need to click anywhere. Just Open a site and get pagerank. See screenshot below for an idea.Google Chrome PagerankFirst, You need to update Google Chrome to the Latest Version available. Just Go to this page and Install PageRank Plugin in your Google Chrome Browser. There are several other Chrome Extensions for same purpose like PageRank Display & Kuber PageRank Checker.

Finally if you are eager for more SEO extensions, Chrome SEO is a must have Extension for Google Chrome. It has features to display, Backlinks, Pages Indexed, Traffic & Rankings, Cached Versions, Domain details and many more.

Also see, Check if Important Portion of your Site/Blog is Visible to most of Visitors & Blogger Post Views Hit Counter shows Page views/visits of each post.

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