image Few days back Airtel announced 4mbps 'Impatience' plans. Where speed of  4Mbps is available at Rs.899 Per month (or USD $20). I posted about Google’s 1 Gbps Highspeed fastest Internet connection on Feb 10. Now, Bharti Airtel introduced two more internet plan, which uses the VDSL2 Technology (Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line 2) to provide very high speed data transfer to end users. Promised speeds are 50 Mbps. Yes, 50 Mbps Internet connection is now available in India for end user. Have look at both plans in chart below. The only sad thing is Total download limit, Its just 200 GB for whole month. This can be very less comparing to the speed offered.


Speed @ 30 Mbps

Speed @ 50 Mbps

Monthly Rental

Rs. 7999 (or USD$ 177)

Rs. 8999 (or USD$ 200)

Download Limit

200 GB

200 GB

Value Added Services (VAS)

Parallel Ringing, Website Builder (basic) Unlimited Games on Demand, Online Storage, Anti virus.

Parallel Ringing, Website Builder (basic) Unlimited Games on Demand, Online Storage, Anti virus.

For people having Greed of Speed can go for it for sure. Currently this service is available in Delhi & Gurgaon only, however soon services will be available in other cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Banglore etc.

What is VDSL 2 Technology !

VDSL2 (Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line) is the newest and most advanced standard of DSL broadband wire line communications. It is designed to support the wide deployment of Triple Play services such as voice, video, data, IPTV, high definition television (HDTV) and interactive gaming. VDSL2 also enables customers to stream HD Content anywhere from the internet world as well.

Airtel is the only telecom operator in India to introduce VDSL2 Technology for a very high speed wired Internet connection.

To get an idea about speed, let me explain few usual examples.

You can Download 1 GB data in just around 3 minutes with 50 Mbps connection.
You can watch movies, streaming videos online without any break.
You can Download a Full DVD5 Movie (around 4GB) in 12 to 15 minutes.

Internet Data transfer speeds are at approximately same as speed of Wireless LAN connection. I wonder a day when such speeds will be available with affordable price and Unlimited Data Transfer. I hope this revolution sustains in India.

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