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If you said yes, Here is the solution.Blogger Category Label specific feeds

You have a lot of categories (labels) for hundreds of your post?
Do you feel some of your readers/visitors would wish to subscribe only to a category posts in your blog rather than subscribing to all the posts ?
For Wordpress users there are many methods to make it possible but blogger has limited options and so here is the trick.

How to Create Category (Labels) specific Feeds in Blogger

Step 1: Once you decided which Category (label) feeds you want, Copy that Category (label) name as it is. Say your Category name is Games

Step 2 : The Feel URL for specific category must be like below

Replace YourBlog with your Blog name and Games with your category name. Pls Note that blogger category specific feeds are case sensitive in nature and so Pls copy your category (label) name as it is, In our example its Games and not games. Yes, That capital G matters. No matter if your Category or label name has spaces between words (i.e Fooball Games) just take care of Upper or Lower case.

Thats it, Type this URL in any browser and you will see feeds with all the posts from single & specific category. You can burn these blogger category (label) specific feeds in Feedburner too.

Have a look at my websites category specific feed for Label “How to” to

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